Roman Skorokhodov

President, Watcom Group

founder of automated systems for counting and analysis of people flow on the Russian market, expert in people flow management and evaluation of retail traffic. Roman is the owner of the term PCS (people counting system). 
Under his management, Watcom has become and is keeping a position of leader on Russian footfall market.

Andrey Klimov

Countmax CTO

Professional software and people counting solutions developer. Specialist in development and complementation of business processes and automation equipment in a company.

A brand new line of counters was launched under his guidance which is still an exclusive solution today.
CountMax  is the first company in Russia that started to develop people counting solutions systems.


Alexey Knyazev

Managing Partner, Watcom Data Consulting

Since 2009, Alexey is the Managing Partner at Watcom Data Consulting. With the direct leadership of Alexey Knyazev, in 2009 the Shopping Index project was launched; in 2011 the first project in Classification of Shopping Centers "Standardization" was developed in Russia; in 2011, the Smart Shopping Centre project was launched.  In 2013, Watcom Group invested in Shopster Shopster Analystics, co-founded by Alexey.

Dmitry Netkatch

Managing Partner, Watcom Shop Mechanics

Prior to joining Watcom Group, Dmitry led a company that created and developed consumer brands and he is an expert in Marketing Management.

Since 2010, he has managed Watcom Shop Mechanics. The company specializes in the development of consulting solutions, based on the study of consumer behavior via a contactless method, creating effective retail environment models.


Maria Vakatova

Managing Partner Watcom Research

Managing Partner Watcom Research (2013). In 2011, she worked in Watcom Group as Director of Marketing Communications.

Prior to joining the Watcom, Maria was Director of Marketing and Communications company “Synovate”, Russia and Ukraine.

Watcom «Research» specializes in the study of drivers and barriers to visiting Retail and shopping malls, customer satisfaction and loyalty, building visitor segments, and the study of brand image in Retail and shopping malls.